Govt. school faces books shortage since 4 years


Bangalore, 26th September:  The government has failed to fulfil the demand for books even after four years of constant complaints about shortage of books have been made in Sarkari Hiria Prathamik School in Devageree.

Although the teachers have made several verbal complaints to Deputy Director of Public Interest (DDPI) and Block Education Office (BEO), there is no development in the conditions.  The school has not received required number of books approximately since four years. “It has been many years that the government is not providing with proper amount of books,” says Rajnikanth, one of the teachers in the school. “Nearly six students use one book to study,” added Rajnikanth.
Suneetha, Head of Block Resource Centre Bangalore says “Each clusters get their book distributed and it is an uneven distribution. For this, some of the schools receive fewer books.”

Nirmala, mother of one of the students said, “We cannot afford high fees and thus we admit our students in government schools. We expect some basic necessities like books and good education, but our children don’t get that much also.”
Hritik, studying in standard seven, said that it becomes difficult for them to share the books because everyone fights for the book.