North Bengaluru sees a rise in rowdy sheeters


The number of people listed as rowdy-sheeters has gone up in both the north and west zones of Bangalore by 18% and 2% from January-March 2017 compared to January-March 2016 respectively.
Assistant Commissioner of Police of Kengeri Sub –division gate Dr.S.Prakash said that the number of rowdy-sheeters has gone up by two per cent as compared to last year.

On the other hand, the number of rowdy sheeters in the north zone has gone up by 18 per cent as compared to the same period last year.

The Police Manual of Karnataka defines a rowdy as a goonda and includes a hooligan, rough, vagabond or any person who is dangerous to the Public peace and tranquillity.
M.N.Anucheth, DCP of West zone says “Criminals commit crimes due to poverty, influential peer pressure groups.” Anucheth, also says “a rowdy has a creates a false impressionable mind aged about 18-20 years.” (SIC).

Chetan Singh Rathore DCP of north division says that the increase in rowdy activities has resulted in Yashwantpur becoming a rowdy hub.
“My daughter has been harassed by the criminals” says Sourav Singh, resident of Peenya.
West Zone ACP Dr. S. Prakash says that most rowdy sheeters are 17 to 30 years old. Only one or two per cent of college students are included, he said.

However, in the north zone “8.5per cent are college students who commit rowdy activities” says Rathore.

Manoj Manish, a resident of Yashwantpur says” It is risky to go out at night the rowdies create a huge problem. They even teased my 16 years old daughter.”
Sophia Sharon, sociology professor of Mount Carmel says that to reduce the rowdy rate the criminals need to be nailed.