Good crowd, fewer sales at Summer Mela

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The two-day event was held at Embassy Square Park.

At every step of the Summer Shopping Mela, stalls for clothes, anime merchandise, books, jewellery, and tarot reading, were set up. But the sellers said that their business witnessed a lack in sales despite being visited by a large crowd. Shezaad, a clothing stall owner, said, “I am from Mumbai, I place my stall in many events. I came to Bangalore for this event with a lot of hope. But since morning I have sold only one piece of clothing .”

“There are many people who are coming to my stall to look at traditional wear, but hardly anyone buys anything,” he said.

Priya, a jewellery stall owner, said, “People are coming and looking at the stuff at my stall, but I have sold just a few pieces. Sales are not as good as I expected.”

The Mela witnessed a drop in sales due to hot weather during the day.

Rohit, manager of the event ‘Summer Shopping Mela’ said that they generally see more people and increased sales in the evening.“ The temperature is very high during the day in Bangalore. Maybe that’s why we are witnessing fewer sales; but the crowd is good. There are at least three to four hundred people here right now. Last year, we saw a crowd of more than a thousand if we combine both days,” he said.

He added that there are low sales generally on the first day, and people tend to buy more on the second day. “Till now the sales of anime products, and pickles are doing well. We hope for a good sale tomorrow.”

Rehman, owner of an anime merchandise stall, said that anime has become more popular among people now. “If not anything, the customers definitely buy a key chain from my stall. This keeps the flow of sales going,” he said.

The two-day event was held at Embassy Square Park.

Lalit, a customer, said that there are good summer products here, but the price is too high. “I was looking for cotton Kurta for my wife, but even a simple cotton kurta cost  Rs. 1600.”

Scharada Dubey, an author and a tarot card reader, said that usually, the first days are low in sales. “Even if we are witnessing a decent crowd, it takes time for people to make up their minds to buy something or get a reading. In other cities too, the second day’s experience is always better than the first day,” she said.

Rohit said, “We conduct many events. Last month, we conducted a winter shopping event in Delhi. Next week, we are conducting the Fashion Mela in Patna, and Gudi Padwa special events in Pimpri, Chinchwad.”