Bengaluru Habba fails to reach youngsters

Arts & Culture Bangalore

The Art and Sculpture exhibition, ‘Unboxing Bengaluru Habba’, 2023 has focused on using discarded materials to produce art.

The Unboxing Bengaluru Habba, 2023, art and sculpture event failed to reach young visitors.  More number of youngsters were expected to be involved in the cultural events but the solo show of visual art “Overshoot” by the artisan received very few visitors.

An exhibition piece recycled of the used wood.

Daisha Mech, a visitor said, “I visited visual art show with my friends after lunch, with no plans,  just to pass our time. As it was the sculptural event we couldn’t understand anything and just wrote in feedback that it was wonderful.”

Lt. Col Ramesh Ramiah, another visitor said, “I’m a painter  and I do like such art. The artist Arunkumar H is my good friend so I went on his invite.”  

“The greedy man moved away from nature.”

There were a few fake visitor’s names registered in the visitor’s diary as Sunita Bansal whose name was mentioned in the diary  said, “I haven’t visited any as such event and it was surprising for me, that my number was mentioned in the feedback register.”

 The owner of the Sumukha gallery  said, “I  do not understand how the today’s so called, “GenZ” are least interested in such art events.”

Premilla, owner of the Sumukha gallery  said, “I was expecting more number of audiences for this exhibition, as the art pieces are sustainable in nature and made up of discarded waste.”

Krithika, a marketing lead in the Saahas zero waste said, “It is a unique and creative way of upcycling and transforming the discarded waste into something meaningful and aesthetically pleasing.”

The dried leaves painting has a cost of around Rs. 25,000

Dhanush, a full time commercial sculptor artist, running a Sculpture Studio in Bangalore, said that we can’t blame the youth for not attending or visiting such art exhibitions as their focus has shifted to  education rather than giving some attention to art and related fields.

He added, “The failure of event can also be because of its lack of promotion among people.”