Traffic chaos near hospital; signals don’t work

Bangalore TRAFFIC

Not just traffic signals, but traffic police are also missing from the area.

The traffic signals in the Balagangadharanatha Swamiji Gleneagles Global Hospital (BGS Hospital) junction are not working which is resulting in traffic congestion.                                             

Dinesh an auto driver complains that “It has been a long time but the traffic police have not repaired the traffic signals at the BGS road junction. Moreover, there are no traffic policemen here to regulate the flow of traffic in the absence of traffic signals. Due to the presence of a bus stop near the junction, buses often halt there, blocking the way for other vehicles and causing traffic congestion.”

People also complain about the difficulty of crossing the road, Maniyamma a lady who came to the BGS Hospital for a checkup said, “There are no pedestrian lines and the traffic signals are also not working, it’s difficult to find a kind driver willing to stop and let you cross.”

Nikhil, a resident who lives near Balagangadharanatha Swamiji road (BGS road) near Kengeri, complained that, “The traffic signals at the BGS Hospital junction are not working which often results in a traffic jam. As many people come to the hospital, this is a major issue and causes concern.”

According to the Bangalore Traffic Police website, the Traffic Police are responsible for installing and maintaining traffic signals.

Dr. Anil Purohit, traffic inspector, Bangalore, said “The traffic police will address this issue and will instruct the technician to repair the traffic signal as soon as possible.”

Vikram Bhatt, an urban planner , said, “This is a junction where four major roads are meeting. It is therefore very important to control traffic by traffic lights otherwise there will be road accidents. Traffic lights on all the major roads are required to have zebra crossing for pedestrians. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras should be installed for monitoring and linked to the central command center. If there are no traffic lights, there will be fatalities and will lead to negligent driving.”