Banashankari: Infrastructure projects still underway

BBMP City Elections

Residents of Banashankari are waiting for the BBMP to shut the waste-processing unit.

The Residents of Banashankari (BSK) 6th stage are still waiting for the closure of the waste processing unit.

Mahesha TS, President, BSK 6th stage , Resident Welfare Association (RWA) said, “Even though the elected officials assured it to be shut, the unit is still not closed.This is the main problem in our locality and we think it will take more time,”

Residents of BSK 6th stage in February this year went on a dharna for the closure of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) waste processing unit. The residents complained of stench from the processing unit. After their protest, organized by the Residents Welfare Association (RWA) of Banashankari 6th stage, the waste unit stopped the intake of garbage.

The redevelopment of the Banashankari Temple, one of the city’s most famous and richest is currently halted due to the elections. Last year, the state’s minister of religious endowments announced a Rs. 48 crores project to develop the premises. Padma, Executive Officer of the temple which comes under the religious endowments department said that the estimates for building and reconstruction of various buildings within the temple premises are done and the tender work is ongoing. “Due to elections the work has not yet started, but we will start it one by one,” she said.

The current MLA of Basavanagudi (Assembly Constituency) is L A Ravi Subramanya. He was first elected in 2008 and has been re-elected twice since then. Elections are going to be held on May 10 this year. L A Ravi Subramanya has been nominated as a candidate again against U B Venkatesh from Congress and Aramane Shankar from JD(S).

However, residents in residential areas of  BSK say they do not face any major problems. Malathy, a resident of BSK second stage said they have well maintained parks and roads. The only problem is that they get water on alternate days as their house is on a upward slope.

  • The Annaprasad distribution building was the first building to be completed in the 48 crore redevelopment project.
  • The residents of the residential neighbourhoods in BSK say that other than water, they do not have many civic issues.