Newly inaugurated metro station needs fixing

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Repair work is being done in Nallurhalli Metro Station because of a planning flaw.

Gaps between the walls and the roofs of walkways at the Nallurhalli Metro station are now being plugged in order to ensure that no rainwater enters the station. All three entrances that are linked to walkways have these gaps that need to be closed, said a site engineer at the station.

Arman Sheikh, site engineer said that “It is a flaw from Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited’s (BMRCL) side as their blueprint was not properly planned. A gap between the metro station’s wall slab and the tin roof shelter led to the water seepage incident on Tuesday. Some amount of water also flowed on to the ground floor.”

The first floor of the Nallurhalli Metro Station witnessed minor water seepage after the heavy rainfall on Tuesday evening. Sheikh explained that the gap between the platform slab and the concourse slab (the slab placed below the roof slab) allowed water to enter the platform area which eventually flowed to the ticket counters in the floor below.

He continued that there was not much that he  could do even though he was present in the station at the time. ”The rooftops were planned this way to enable free flow of air but it was not planned thoroughly.”

Shankar, a commuter travelling to his office which is near Nallurhalli metro station said, “I was not here yesterday but I saw the videos that went viral and got to know about the situation. Now I think they are fixing the leakage points. My only concern is the safety issue. The floor is already shiny, people may not notice if there is water on the floor which can lead to several accidents.”

Station Controller Ameena said that the station was constructed in a hurry and the BMRCL Chief visited the site on Wednesday to check the problem and now, the engineers are fixing the problem by adding some drainage pipes in the metro station. The customer care official at Nallurhalli metro station said that the engineers and plumbers are now working to repair any sort of leakage.

She said that there are three separate rooftops at the Nallurahalli metro station unlike other stations, which have one common rooftop. So, when it rained, the water made its way to the station floor making is slippery. “They have made three different roofs here to make it look attractive,” she added

Ibrahim, a security guard near the customer care booth of Nallurhalli metro station said that the water is still dripping on the floor since Tuesday.

Another security guard, Saheel MD Jashim, from the metro station  said that the water was flowing down the stairs as well. The housekeeping staff managed to clean the floor as fast as they could.