Lokayukta public hearing disrupted by angry citizens


The meeting was disrupted by an angry crowd that was presenting unrelated issues to the committee.

The Lokayukta public hearing that took place on Mar. 28 received an overwhelming response by the public that brought their problems regarding civic issues. Many of these problems are not directly handled by the Lokayukta.

Lokayukta DSP, Basavaraj Magadum said, “Many people are raising social issues here. If you all had written a complaint to the health inspector and gave us a copy it would have been easier.”

The officials had trouble maintaining order in the hall. Citizens raised their voices in order to raise the civic issues faced in their area. The officials repeatedly requested the people to speak politely and stick to the time limit of two minutes per person. But, many individuals got overwhelmed with their emotions. They raised issues like illegal flex banners, violation of the plastic ban, footpath encroachment etc.

However, many were unable to speak and therefore had to leave after submitting their written complaint. They received an acknowledgment slip for their complaint. Magadum said all complaints will get resolved within a month or two and they will take action against the officials concerned if the matter requires it.

Smita M who resides in Giri Nagar is facing land katha problems. She has not received government approval to construct a house in her plot of land at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) housing society. “It has been around 17 years and we are still unable to construct our house. In spite of having all the papers but we are unable to get the katha. All plot owners have decided to come here to talk to Lokayukta,” she said. Their complaint was heard and they also received an acknowledgment slip on the same.

Kusum Nagesh, who resides in North Bangalore, came to RR Nagar to file her written complaint with the Lokayukta. She owns a plot of land in RR Nagar which has been encroached upon; hence she is unable to begin the construction work of her house. “The encroached land belongs to around 30 allottees and all of us have been trying to get this issue sorted for the last 15 years. We came here as the last resort,” she added. .

Another couple came to submit their written complaint about the Guru Ragavendra Bank fraud case. “We do not know if they will accept our complaint as it is not against one individual but the corporate society that regulates the bank. The Reserve Bank has closed all functions of the bank and our money has been stuck there for last three years,” said the woman who wanted to stay anonymous.


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  1. Yes, you are right, when the authorities take an initiative to address the problems, we need to have patience to get the problems across, lest they might not have such meetings, it is so hard to give a complaint to Lokayukta, it requires notarised copy, hopefully our issue will get the attention….( Gd article, Sneha, best wishes)

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