Ayurveda gains new fan following


Youngsters are shifting towards Ayurveda saying it is a healthier alternative to chemical products.

The sales of Ayurvedic skincare products have increased significantly in India with most of the consumers between 15-35 years of age.  

The Maharishi Ayurveda report states that the interest in Ayurvedic skincare products has increased significantly as compared to 15 to 20 percent growth in pre-pandemic time.

Prakash, sales manager of the Prakruti Ayurvedic store, said, “ After the pandemic, the sales of our Ayurvedic products have increased more than 50 percent as compared to 20 percent before the pandemic .”

He added, “Earlier, Ayurvedic products had relatively less popularity and consumers were more than 40 years of age, mostly demanding      medicines.”

The Indian Medicines Pharmaceuticals Corporation also reported an increase in Ayurvedic medicines. The Ayurvedic products market reached a value of INR 515.5 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach INR 1,536.9 billion by 2027 according to a report.

Clelia Cecilia Angelon, founder and CEO of Surya Brasil, an Ayurvedic brand, said in an article, “During the COVID-19 pandemic, people realized that they need to dig into nature-oriented solutions to increase their immunity. Consumers have also become aware of the harmful effects of harsh chemical-based products along with ammonia-based hair care      products, and that is why the industry has seen phenomenal growth in this decade, especially in the last three years.”

A 2022 study on consumer preference for Ayurvedic products in the Indian market shows that 49 percent of consumers are aged between 15-     30 years. Another study done on consumer behavior regarding Ayurvedic products states that 97 percent of respondents buy products for young members and 64 percent of respondents are aged between 18- 35 years.

Priyank (23) (name changed), a student, said, “I had used chemical-based skin products earlier but they never had any significant impact on my skin problems of acne and scars.      Moreover, those products often caused some side effects.”

He added, “I came across Ayurved-based skin products through a relative who has been using it for a long time. I started by using Ayurvedic face wash and eventually shifted to a proper skincare range including oil, and cream. Within two months, my skin had visible changes and it was healing.”

Prakash said, “One of the reasons why Ayurvedic products are gaining popularity among youngsters is that it is considered to not have any side effects. This gives youngsters a choice, to explore various options and figure out what works best for them.”

He added that Ayurvedic ingredients have one or more benefits making them a smarter alternative to chemical-based products.    

The major Ayurvedic products manufacturing companies in India are  Dabur, Vicco, Charak Pharma, Emami Group, Maharishi Ayurveda, Baidyanalh, Shahnaz Husain Group, Himalaya Drug, Amrutanjan Healthcare, Biotique, Herbal Hills, Basic Ayurveda, Natreon.

Dr. Aneesh, the founder of Vedaprabha Ayurveda, said, “The increase in Ayurvedic skincare products among youngsters is because they are more attracted towards cosmetic and beauty products. This can be a drawback as many companies endorse their products claiming to have Ayurvedic ingredients or natural ingredients but usually do not have it.”

He added, “Young consumers see an advertisement endorsing natural ingredients and get convinced that those products would do some miracle and solve all their body issues. But that is not the reality. So, youngsters must be aware of this while opting for Ayurvedic products and buy authentic ones and be patient for the results.”