BMTC driver arrested by the Police

Bangalore City

BMTC department will announce the compensation for the families of deceased after court’s order.

Taverekere police arrested the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) driver, who had allegedly hit two people on a scooter on Magadi Road on Tuesday. Police confirmed that the driver is in custody and the case will be investigated.

Assistant sub inspector of police, Tavrekere police station said,” We have caught the BMTC driver who after running over the two motorcyclists, fled from the site leaving the bus. The person is under custody for further investigation.”

The BMTC driver had reportedly fled the bus after hitting two people—Manjunath and Shivaraja—on a scooter on Tuesday afternoon.  Another police official from Taverekere police station said locating the driver was not difficult, as all his information was registered with the BMTC database.

Vishwanath, a head constable at Upparpet traffic police station at Kempegowda Majestic Bus stand said the driver could be booked under IPC 279 and 304. “I cannot say for how many years he will be jailed as it will be decided by the court itself. But he can get a sentence of anywhere between six months to two years,” he added.

BMTC has confirmed that it will offer compensation to the deceased’s families after the court’s order, which will come under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Sunita, Public Relation Officer at BMTC said, “After the court’s order, we will provide the compensation to the family of deceased under the Motor Vehicle Act.”  She also said that the riders were at fault as they violated the traffic rules for taking a U turn.

Ashok,a retired traffic police official said that the Motor Vehicle Inspection (MVI) will investigate the case to find out who was at fault and the bus driver would be given relief If he is not found guilty. “Generally big vehicles are accused in the first impression even though the small vehicles have done wrong,” he said.