The transgender community expects base-level reforms

Education State

Many believe the Karnataka Government should come up with more schemes to help the transgender community.

The transgender community is urging for more reforms within the Government sectors even as the authorities come up with many initiatives. They believe base-level reforms could go a long way in empowering the community.

In recent years, the Karnataka Government has come up with initiatives like one percent reservation for the transgender community as teachers in government schools. In June, Karnataka’s first ‘Township for Transgenders’ was announced in Bangalore, and In September Karnataka government reserved a total of 79 posts for the trans community in the armed forces

Trans rights Activist and Amazon employee Rakshitha, who also belongs to the Transgender community said, “If you go five years back no sector was ready to give us a job but now the time has changed. Many multinational companies are intending to give us a job. But still, the government sector is something that can give us security in our jobs and it is very good that finally, the Karnataka government has started to recognize our community.”

The transgender community expects reforms from the base level

She added, “Right now 20 to 25 percent of members of our community are getting actual support from our government. I know many transgender people who are studying at Bangalore University but the situation is very bad in rural areas. Government should focus there also.”

Ketana, another transperson said, “Government’s recent initiative can be very beneficial for the community but they should focus more on the base level, like providing free education to children belonging to the trans community in schools and universities,  as many of them have no financial background.”

She added, “To enjoy the benefits of reservation in the government sector, they should focus more on making the community equipped to reach that level.”

Ms. Shilpi Marwaha, Gender Activist and Theatre Director at Sukhmanch Theatre said, “After decriminalization of section 377 these reforms should be introduced immediately. The government should focus more on the awareness programs and teaching in schools about the different genders and their normality.”

She added, “Government should also encourage the trans community to get education by giving some financial help or by reservations at a base level like schools.”  

An official from Karnataka State Higher Education Council said, “We have many plans to provide a community with respectable status in the society. Reservations and townships will definitely help the community.”