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Volume of alcoholic beverages imported to India between financial year 2016 to 2022

By Dhananjay

Source: Statista.com

Export of alcoholic beverages in India 2015-2021

By Riya Roy Chowdhury

Wine consumption worldwide in 2021, by country

By Somanjali Das

Source- Statista

Alcohol consumption in India from 2019-2021 

by Aakriti Srivastava 

Source: Statista

District wise sales of beer in Bengaluru north division 

By Anuja Parashar 

Source: State Excise Department

Bar graph shows the correlation between blood pressure and alcohol consumption across India in 2020

By Mansi Arora

Source: Statista

Export value of alcoholic beverages from India in financial year 2022, by leading destination

By Anchal Verma

Source: Statista

State wise alcohol consumption in India

By Harshita Meenaktshi 

Source : National Family Health Survey carried out from 2019 to 2021 

Most preferred alcohol drinks in India

By Neha Soni

Source: YouGov

Per capita alcohol consumption of top countries

By Sneha Kumar

Legal drinking age across Indian states

By Anas Ali

Size of Beer market in India from 2010 to 2022

By- Shreshtha Dutta 


Import value of alcoholic beverages to India in financial year 2022

By- Anupreksha Jain

Source- Statista

Size of Wine Market in India from financial year 2010 to 2021 

By Taniva Roy

Source: Statista