E-Tickets for bus travel in Bangalore

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BMTC buses to launch online booking of tickets soon with Kannada and English language settings.

After the e-pass, Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is coming up with electronic tickets (e-tickets) for passengers. This e-ticket will be launched very soon in collaboration with Tummoc, a Bangalore based start-up.

According to Arnab, coordinator of BMTC, “Many commuters were facing problems due to chaos in using Unified Payments Interface (UPI) as a mode of payment in buses. Simultaneously we have received a good response in the use of e-passes and now we have planned to come up with e-tickets as well.”

An e-ticket is a paperless electronic document used for ticketing passengers. The main purpose of e-tickets is to ease the process of buying tickets and control the chaos at the ticket counter. Passengers can buy these e-tickets online via apps or through the website of the respective companies

Raju, a commuter who was struggling to pay through UPI in BMTC said, “Many buses in BMTC do not accept online payment, every time I ask the conductor whether payment can be done online or not and then only I step in. Even I carry cash for paying these fellows. BMTC coming up with online booking would be great.”

According to Iqra Islam, Strategy and Public Relations Analyst at Tummoc,, “70 percent of the half a million active users of our app are from Bangalore. We may shortly launch our e-ticket service for BMTC since a significant amount of BMTC passes are being booked every day. For commuters, obtaining tickets would be an easy process. For the benefit of commuters, we just incorporated Kannada as a language option in our application. Passes for the BMTC can now be renewed instantly as well. By the end of this year, we are aiming to reach a total of 30 cities.”

Another commuter at the Majestic bus stand said, “I have been using the e-pass of BMTC and it is very convenient. If they are coming up with e-tickets will also help us a lot. There are days when I don’t want a full day pass then I have to struggle to pay through UPI in the bus.”

BMTC buses with no UPI method of payment

While explaining the functioning of e-tickets Arnab said, “The process of booking e-tickets is very simple. A commuter can buy tickets through the Tummoc app and when they get into the bus, they just have to show this to the conductor. The conductor will scan it and confirm the ticket.”

A bus conductor at BMTC said, “Since online pass has been introduced it has been very easy for us to check and manage. Online tickets will also help us a lot. Most of the time when a commuter makes a payment by scanning the Quick Response(QR) code, the transaction is not completed due to network issues. If they buy tickets online, we will have to just verify them.”

K. Goutham, a business analyst said, “India is going towards digitalization and such projects as the BMTC one add to it. This will also generate employment and will make buying tickets much easier.”