NREGA to boost Karnataka’s sports’ infrastructure

Bangalore Karnataka Sports State

Every gram panchayat would have a stadium in the near future, says the state government.

The Karnataka government will use Rs. 504 crore from the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act fund with the sports department to create 6,000 odd sports facilities in each gram panchayat.

The Karnataka Department of Youth Empowerment and Sports introduced an initiative to boost sports among the youth in a press conference held at the Vikas Soudha.

An official from the youth empowerment and sports department said that every gram panchayat will receive at least one stadium in near future.

The State Olympics Association president Govind Raj said that the second state Mini Olympic Games—a week-long multi-sport event featuring 21 disciplines—will take place at various venues in the city from May 16 till May 22.

A total of 5,000 athletes, all in the under-14 age group, are expected to gather in the city for the week-long event, he added. 

Athletics, Archery, Handball, Hockey, Boxing Cycling, and other disciplines will be part of the event.

“We want every aspiring athlete to have access to the best facilities so that they can compete at the highest level,” said a panel member from the department of youth empowerment and sports.

A lack of certified coaches is a reason for aspiring athletes not being able to fulfill their dreams and achieve their aspirations, she added. “We will make sure that at the gram panchayat level, students will have access to 8000 teachers and coaches.”

The first Mini Olympic Games were successfully held in Bengaluru in February 2020.

The closing ceremony will be held on May 22, 2022, and Dr. K.C. Naryana Gowda, Minister of Youth Empowerment and Sports will be the chief guest for the event.