Bengaluru man killed while sleeping

Bangalore Crime

The women confessed to the Byadrahalli Police that she killed her husband with an iron rod.

Irritated with constant arguments, Varalaxmi, a 48 year-old woman killed her 52 year-old husband, Umesh with an iron rod.

Varalaxmi said out that her husband, Umesh, would fight with her because she did not bore him sons. He would also demand dowry and threaten to put petrol on her and burn her. So, she took the chance and killed him with a rod.

After Satish, Umesh’s younger brother found his brother’s body at 10:30 am on April 11, he reported the murder at the Byadarahalli Police Station.

Police said that Varalaxmi confessed killing her husband. “At around 4 am, she killed her husband while he was sleeping,” said Inspector Ravi Kumar. The couple was married for 28 years and had two girls. Police said that the couple used to fight over many things.

The police further said that the post mortem report is expected today in the evening or tomorrow morning. “If the murder is proven, she will be charged under 302 IPC for murder,” Kumar said.