Victoria Hospital submits a report to Upa Lokayukta

Bangalore City Health

Lokayukta had demanded a report of corrective measures within four weeks after a surprise inspection at Victoria hospital.

Bengaluru: Following the surprise inspection by Upa Lokayukta’s president B.S Patil, the medical superintendent of Victoria hospital has submitted a report identifying the correct measures that are to be implemented. The official claimed that there is a shortage of staff and poor implementation of the smart city project.

Last month, Patil’s visit had revealed pharmacy irregularities, non-availability of doctors along with improper disposal of bottles on the premises of Victoria hospital.

However, administrative officials at the hospital said that they are trying to do their best with the limited resources that they have.

 The hospital authorities said that there is an acute shortage of nursing staff, ward attendants, data operators, ambulance drivers, pharmacists and cleaners in the hospital. The hospital has three ambulances and five drivers out of which two are used by the supervisors.

Jaish, a patient in the hospital said that it is a tiring process for patients to get separate OPD cards when they are asked to get a test from another department. “I came here to see a doctor for my stomach pain and he has asked me to get a kidney test. Now I am standing here waiting for them to issue a separate OPD card for my kidney tests,” he said.

Indu, a housekeeper at Victoria hospital said that the hospital has 170 people working in housekeeping.. “I start at 7:30 a.m. and finish at 4 p.m. and it feels like a lot of burden sometimes. The number of patients has relatively increased over the years and the staff including doctors and cleaners, feel the burden.”

The officials said that the smart city project has promised to provide five buggies to Victoria hospital for hassle-free commute of patients in the hospital but they have only received one so far. Apart from buggies, the smart city project had also promised to install street lights inside the premises which has remained largely unfulfilled.

Citing the pharmacy irregularities in the inspection result, the hospital officials said that they have six pharmacists out of which three are on deputation in Minto and Vanivilas hospitals. “Three pharmacists are taking care of massive the patient turnout at Victoria hospital and that should be enough for the government to understand the pressure we are reeling under,” he said.

Another official from the hospital said that shortage of manpower is one big concern. “The authorities can’t whip government institutions for their own shortcomings. They have to increase the number of seats to fill these vacancies,” he added.

The administrative official at Victoria hospital said that the government, health minister and health secretary should consider what we are recommending. He also said that there should be a single OPD card window for the entire hospital.

The patients should not have to go through the unnecessary hassle of getting new cards every time, he said. “It only adds to the clutter and we are not here to spread or cut the clutter, but to serve the patients. The government has to do something in this regard,” he added.

Dr. Ranjeeth, Assistant Professor, medical science, said that the hospitals can only go as far as interviews are concerned, but it is the state government that has to make sure that the vacancies are filled in as soon as possible. “Recruitment is not in the hands of government hospitals. The state government must take quick cognizance of the matter if a hospital is underperforming at the hands of shortage of staff,” he said.

Additionally, the hospital authorities have confirmed that they have tightened security around the hospital and have issued notices to vendors around the hospital premises to keep the area garbage free.