Congress announces a nationwide protest against the fuel price


In view of the constant rise in fuel prices, Congress announced a nationwide protest.

“Ban on loudspeakers, halal issues are being used as an excuse to avoid any confrontation on matters of real importance,” Ajay Maken, General Secretary of All India Congress Committee said.

D K Shivkumar accused the state home minister of creating communal disharmony. He added, “All these activities are happening to polarize the atmosphere so that people forget about unemployment, fuel rise and inflation.”

Ajay Maken said, “Congress leaders are deputed to educate the voters about how the prices are rising and how the Modi government alone is responsible for this hike.” However, the general secretary didn’t comment on the rise in food prices.

While addressing the meeting, the general secretary drew comparisons between BJP’s and Congress’s performance in Karnataka.

However, MG Mahesh, BJP spokesperson discredited the allegations and said that the rise in the fuel prices is a temporary measure to counter fuel shortage. “So, I hope it will be resolved very soon,” he said.

Delivery people and auto drivers are having a hard time adjusting to the fuel hike. Syed Kabir who works for a delivery app said that so far they are being compensated for the increase in the fuel rates but it isn’t enough.

“We are paying extra from our pockets, but if this continues we will initiate protests,” he said.

On Chandru Murder case

Against the state home minister’s statement on the Chandru murder that happened recently, Mohammed Haris Nalapad, Karnataka Youth Congress President said, “The home minister is an unfit face for Karnataka and until he doesn’t resign, KPCC won’t stop.”

Home Minister Araga Jnanendra said that the 22-year-old youth was killed because he didn’t know Urdu.

Ravi Gowda, KPCC, media head said the party would file a suo moto case against the state home minister.