Parents unhappy over engineering fee hike

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Aside from Rs.10, 000 added as other fees, engineering colleges charge Rs.5,500 as a development fee.

Students and parents are upset with this sudden notification issued by the engineering colleges to pay more than Rs. 10,000 for the academic year 2021-2022.

Brother of an engineering aspirant said, “The college increased the amount to Rs. 10, 000 after the first round of seat selection was done. It is not the right way to do that. If any fees are raised after the process has begun, it will be intimidating. ” 

He added that this was not only Rs. 10,000, when he took her for admission; there was also an extra fee of Rs. 5,500, which the college said was a college development fee.

The Karnataka Examination Authority issued a note on Tuesday, which stated that Rs. 10,000 has been added as ‘other fees’ to the already announced tuition fees of Rs. 23,810 in government engineering colleges. So now students have to pay Rs. 33, 810.

A family member of another engineering aspirant said, “The college was saying to him that technical education has a requirement of Rs. 10,000, so college was taking additional fees.”

He added, “For how many days would we protest against the government’s decision? We could not do all this, so we had to pay the fees.”

Harshita, another student, said that they were not taking cash and some of the people did not have any other means of paying because several of them came from rural areas.

National Students’ Union of India (NSUI), National Secretary, Mr. Lokesh stated, “Education should be non-profitable in India. There is a lot more diversity in India, especially in government colleges and government universities. People come from different backgrounds, and hence, education should be non-profitable.”

He added, “We must ensure and warn the government that it is not acceptable to hike the fees at government engineering colleges. If the government is adamant about not rolling back this fee hike, we will go for a protest and will make sure the government steps back.”


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