Kadlekai vyaparis’ bullish this parishe

Bangalore BBMP Business City

Kadlekai  Parishe expects heavy footfall and better business.

Groundnut vendors at the Kadlekai Parishe hope to put the bad weather and Covid behind them with better profits this year. The parishe is being held after a gap of one year.

Madayya, a groundnut vendor said that this year the produce has reduced due to heavy and untimely rainfall. This has resulted in an increase in groundnut prices. “I want more and more people to attend the parishe and buy groundnuts, I hope to make profits this year,” he said.

Renuka, a resident of Basavanagudi has been attending the parishe since her childhood. She said, “It is a part of our culture to attend the parishe and shop for groundnuts from here every year.”

Ravi Subramanya, MLA of the Basavangudi Constituency said that  because the fair was cancelled last year, people are happy to  attend it this year and more people are coming. A total of one lakh individuals attended the event on Sunday. The fair is expected to draw a large crowd over the following three days. He said, “We make sure that everyone observes Covid rules of conduct. People are encouraged to bring their own cloth bags rather than using plastic bags. This fair reminds us of the r the joy of our age-old culture of fairs. We hope the kids enjoy the fair” he added.

Nagaraj, a groundnut vendor from Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, said he had been coming to the market for the past 20 years to sell. He claims that the cost for procuring groundnuts has jumped by 40 percent, from Rs 3000 per bag to Rs 5000 per bag, and hence he has to increase his selling price.

Laxmikumar, a groundnut seller and farmer said that the crowd this year is way less than what it used to be—an approximately 25 percent decrease.

Shweta, a groundnut shopper said, “ Yes, the prices of groundnuts have relatively increased.  But, we still buy the groundnuts.”

With rise in Covid-19 cases in the city, stricter measures are being taken at the parishe. K S Srinivas, a police official said that they expect 2,00,000 visitors and 2,000 vendors to attend the parishe.  However, the footfall is lesser than the usual six lakh people.

BBMP Marshals supervisor, Rajendra said that 15 marshals have been deployed to ensure the smooth running of the event. “We are making sure everybody here wears a mask, and follows Covid appropriate behaviour,” he added.

The historic Kadlekai Parishe in Basavanagudi Bull Temple started with all its glory this morning. Along with groundnut dealers there were many vendors selling accessories, rangoli, and other miscellaneous products, which made the parishe colourful and beautiful to watch. Tattoo artists and food booths were surrounded by a large chunk of the crowd at the festival, which added to its diversity.

The parishe was inaugurated by BBMP Administrator, Rakesh Singh, BBMP Commissioner Gaurav Gupta, Special Commissioner (Finance) Tusli Madineni, Health Administrator Shivakumar, and other officials.

  • Groundnut vendors buckling up for the fair