Vigilance keeps virus at bay

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Covid fines in the third quarter of the year contribute to 29 percent of the total fines collected.

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike’s (BBMP) Covid-19 Marshal task-force has collected Rs. 32.76 lakh for mask and social distancing violations till October 19. Whereas in September, a total of Rs. 62.16 lakh in fines was collected.

The Marshal Penalty data indicates that the total fine collected in 2021 was Rs. 6.4 crores. Approximately 2.65 lakh no mask cases and 7,443 no social distancing cases have been filed in 2021.

The BBMP introduced a task force in October 2020 with an objective of containing the spread of Covid-19 in Urban Bengaluru. The Task Force is segregated into four sections: Ward, Division, Zone and the Head Office Committee.

The marshal task force, on Oct. 18, recorded 733 cases for not wearing masks and not following social distancing norms.  Fines worth Rs.1.83 lakh were collected by them.

Col. Rajbir Singh, Chief Marshal Officer, Head Office Committee emphasized the various parameters to help keep the third wave from hitting. He said, “Fining for not wearing masks and not maintaining social distancing act as an indicator to verify public behaviour. It indicates self discipline within people towards the prevention of the spread of the virus.” He added that fining is one of the parameters like door-to-door vaccinations, spreading public awareness through campaigns and isolating inter-state spread of the virus.

The BBMP’s press release states under what situations is the use of a face-mask mandatory. This includes instances where an individual is having a conversation, walking on the street or sitting in an auto-rickshaw. A few exceptions include eating and playing musical instruments for which the mask is an obstruction.

Sushil, a pedestrian violating the norm, has said that he has a difficulty in breathing due to a mask. He added that he successfully went through two doses of vaccination and hence is immune to the virus.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has emphasized on the importance of masks and social distancing even after full vaccinations. These norms must be followed continuously to eventually prevent the spread of covid-19.

Manali Mundada, House Surgeon at Osmania Medical College has reiterated the importance of wearing a mask and maintaining social distance. She said, “The transmission of the virus mainly occurs through droplets. But these droplets cannot traverse more than six feet. Hence, wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing can prevent exposure to the virus. And in the case of coronavirus, prevention through masks and distance plus vaccinations are our best bets.”


15 thoughts on “Vigilance keeps virus at bay

  1. Nice article. But you should also try to cover the vaccination status since majority of people are considering them to be immune to the virus once they are vaccinated

    1. Sure, thank you! To spread awareness about the misconception of immunity post two doses of vaccination, I’ve added the video by WHO on ‘post vaccination dont’s’.

    2. Sure, thank you! To spread awareness about the misconception of immunity post two doses of vaccination, I’ve added the video by WHO on ‘post vaccination dont’s.’

  2. Good article. The amount that govt collected is showing still how careless r people in following the covid norms.

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