Second COVID wave: Shopkeepers grapple with anxiety

City Covid-19 Pandemic

Shopkeepers are anxious as they fear they might have to give up their business due to the rising cases of Covid in the city.

Bengaluru: Shopkeepers fear that the second wave of Covid-19, will force them to pull the curtains down on their business. Most of them have been struggling to revive their business as there are not enough customers. Most of the shops near Church Street have been closed permanently as they could not bear the brunt of the losses during the lockdown.

Some of the shopkeepers were seen sitting idle, waiting for the customers to come to their shops. Sayed Nasar, an owner of a local jewelry shop, feared that he wouldn’t be able to handle the loss if the city goes under partial lockdown. The shopkeepers don’t know what the future holds for them. They fear, just like the other shops, they will also have to close their shops due to the rising cases.