Covid fear keeps ILI patients out of hospital

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The number of ILI patients in Rajeev Gandhi Institute Of Chest Diseases has decreased by 23.21% in January 2021 as compared to same time last year.

Bengaluru-: The number of people with Influenza-like illnesses (ILI) going to hospitals for treatment has decreased since last year. In January 2020, 325 patients were admitted for ILI at Rajeev Gandhi Institute Of Chest Diseases as against 170 this January. Similarly, the Institute saw 2100 outpatients in January last year and has had 1230 this year, in January.  According to WHO, ILI is an acute respiratory infection with a fever above 38 °C and cough.

Dr.C. Nagraja, Director of Rajeev Gandhi Institute Of Chest Diseases said that people are still afraid to come to hospitals. He added, “As we treat Covid-19 patients, people are hesitant to come for ILI checkup, fearing they might have to undergo the Covid-19 test” he added.

Dr. Tamasa Mohanty, a resident doctor at a Bengaluru Hospital, said that the number of ILI patients coming to the hospital has reduced. She added, “Since the symptoms of ILI and Covid-19 are almost the same, people now fear coming to hospitals for checkups” she added.

Pharmacist Kishore of Victoria Medical and General Stores said that they have made prescription compulsory even if it is for common flu. “As we are not aware what the disease might be,we are not providing medicines without prescription ” he added.

Shrishail Metri from Metri Medicals said, “At present people coming to buy medicines for ILI without prescription have increased than pre-Covid as they are afraid to go to hospitals to consult a doctor.”

Chirag Kashyap, a resident of Bengaluru, said that he would not prefer going to a hospital now for ILI checkup as the hospitals will create unnecessary panic and he is afraid of the consequences.

 Kritika, another resident of Bengaluru said, “I won’t go to a hospital for ILI checkup as I am afraid of contacting Covid at the hospital.”

Dr. C. Nagraja said, “Though the number of ILI patients has increased from 1099 in December 2020 to 1400 in January 2021 it will take around six months for people to gain trust again and come to us for checkup like pre-covid times .”


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