Pipe-Laying work continues to be an inconvenience to Ismailabad residents

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Despite many complaints, Ismailabad residents continue to face problems from the sewerage and water pipe laying work, being carried out by the Public Health Engineering Department (PHED), Haryana, since December 2019. 

Kurukshetra: PHED pipe-laying work has been causing inconvenience to Ismailabad town residents ever since the work started in December last year.

Kanta Rani, a 60-year-old woman, who fell and got hurt when she was walking on the street outside her house complained, “They have ruined the whole street, it’s not fit for walking anymore.” 

Paver blocks are either left dismantled or  kept on the side of the street after the work. 

Ahida, a  teacher in the town school, said that the “PHED started the pipeline work for sewerage and water supply simultaneously, and  were completing it in  intervals.

She stated “They started work from both corners of the street, but left the middle and completed it after a few months.”

While working, they broke the street drains, which led to the flow of sewage onto the street and when we asked them to do it properly, nobody listened.”

She added that “The blocks were left at the side of the excavated trench, and the residents themselves repaired the street when the workers did not come back to repair.

  • Workers covering the trench with only soil after laying pipe

Residents are not able to walk on the streets as the water collects in open trenches.

Sanjeev Kumar, a resident of Ram Nagar colony, voiced his concern, “sewerage pipe-laying is not complete in our street even after months. It is causing us problems; if it rains, water will get collected in the trenches, and we won’t be able to walk on the streets.” 

Mandheer Singh, a vegetable vendor, who sells vegetables on his bike, said that he finds it increasingly difficult to conduct his business because of the bumpy street.

Phoolwati, a 60-year-old resident said that it is difficult for older people like herself to walk on these streets. Any health emergency at night means even more trouble, she said. 

However, the sewerage contractor said that they are doing their work properly and that they repair the street if there is any complaint. 

Pankaj Choudhary, a water supply contractor,  blamed residents for forcing them to work without a proper process.”

He reasoned, “the bedding layer should be laid after keeping the trench open for 10 days of pipe-laying, but if residents force us, we lay it immediately, which causes problems later with the level of the streets.”

Jasbir, a daily wager, who faces problems taking his cart from his home and back, said that the whole street had been excavated just after a month of its construction and no one had come to examine the work. 

The Sarpanch of Ismailabad said, “PHED has the funds to level the street after laying the sewerage as well as water supply pipe, but they are still not doing it.” 

Virender Kairon, an Urban Planner, said, “PHED should have done the inspection, as it is dangerous for the residents; anyone can get hurt.”


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