No Ramps at Fest for Disabled People


There are no ramps at the Kalaangana Fest organized for the disabled people, thus making it difficult for many guests to access the place.

Rhythima Agrawal

Kalaangana, an annual fest for disabled children does not have ramps at the entrance. This makes it difficult for the children to enter the place.

Kalaangana is a three day cultural fest organized by the Information Resource Centre (IRC) every year at Chamrajpet.

Mangala .P, a special educator at Nagarbhavi Navodaya Trust said, “It is more difficult to take the special children to the washrooms.”

Another parent, Neha agreed with the above statement. She said, “I face difficulty in taking my daughter to the washroom.” She further said that her complaints to the authorities about constructing ramps went ignored.

Indian Resource Organizationwas recognized in 2011 by the Department of Women and Child Development. It runs Diploma courses for parents of the special children and volunteers. It also runs a two-year diploma course prescribed by the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).

 Ramesh, head of IRC said, “There has not been any case of injury with the participants and volunteers are there to help the needy.”

However, a volunteer has a different take. Mr. Prasad said, “We have made ramps at required places but there is always a scope for improvement.”

A counselor at the IRC explained the reason for the lack of ramps.

Kanika, said, “There are only a few wheelchair participants and caretakers are around to help them.

An architect gave a solution for the same. George Kuruvilla (mention company) said, “In developed countries, it is mandatory by law to have handicap accessibility, toilets, parking etc. The same should be providedhere.