Kengeri Railway Station – a new hub for stray dogs

Bangalore City

Rapid increase in the number of stray dogs at Kengeri Railway Station has created havoc for the passengers.

Vivek Madhu

Stray dogs at Kengeri Railway Station have become a common problem for the passengers.  These unsterilized canines attack the passer-by in groups mostly during the night time.

The passengers have complained about the increase in the number of stray dogs inside the railway station, but the complaints seem to fall in deaf ears..

 Abhishek GS, a regular passenger, said, “I have complained about the growing number of dogs and the trouble they are causing to the passengers. The station authorities has not taken any action yet to solve the issue.

Kotagi,the Station Master said that feeding the dogs is the main reason why stray dogs are increasingin the area. “There is no cooperation from the passengers. They might be dog lovers, but feeding them onthe railway station invites more dogs.”

“It is illegal to kill the dogs. If the Prani Daya Sangha comes to know about it, my job will be in danger. The PDS are not concerned about them attacking the passengers, but they are concerned about the dogs which are not even sterilized” he added.

2012 Survey regarding the number of stray dogs showed that there are 1.84 lakh dogs in the city. The number has gone up by multiple folds since then.

BBMP is  now focusing on sterilizing the stray dogs that will help stray dogs BBMP has recently  launched an app that has all the details about the dogs in the city. .

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), India accounts for 37 percent of the world’s rabies death each year.

Dr. Shashikumar S , deputy Director of Animal Husbandry, said that the leftover food on the streets is what attracts the stray dogs in residential areas. “The dogs wander around the city in search of food. If they are getting enough food from one area, then they’ll accumulate in groups in a specific place.”he added. The sterilized dogs are shifted to Animal Welfare Organizations or dog shelters by the BBMP.