Prakash Raj Releases People’s Manifesto

Bangalore City Politics

The manifesto focuses on solving citizen’s problems, by taking solutions from citizens. 

By Aiswarya Sriram

Bangalore, April 12, 2019.

Prakash Raj, an independent candidate of Bangalore Central division, released his manifesto on Friday, March 12, and called it “People’s Manifesto”.

The people’s manifesto highlights seven major issues – ‘making the most of arts’, ‘a greener, cleaner Bengaluru’, ‘a healthy Bengaluru’, ‘building the city’, ‘an equal city’, ‘investing in our future’, and ‘a fairer city’.

Prakash Raj says, “This manifesto has been created after talking to people, doing continuous research for the past three months, and understanding the problems of people.”

He said that investing in the future means investing in children. “We should invest in our child’s education,” he added.

The manifesto focuses mainly on improving the standard of living of people and making the city cleaner and greener like before. It promises to enable affordable transport and better water facilities.

He stated, “Different areas have different problems in the Bangalore Central division itself, but we have considered common problems that all of them have.” He added that the solution can come only from people’s participation, so the solution will be considered only after taking people’s advice.

Prakash Raj said to The Softcopy that he will not align with any party even if he wins in Bangalore Central division.