Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic

City Environment

Over 100 underprivileged women are trained in making newspaper trash bags

By Saloni Arora

Bengaluru, April 12, 2019

Bengaluru-based GreenBUG organization has come up with an alternative to curb the use of plastic trash bags from the city, by developing newspaper bin bags. Customers from different areas in the country have started buying the product as well. Around 10,000 – 20,000 newspaper bags are being sold every month.

Bengaluru generates around 350 to 450 Metric Tons of plastic waste per day. The increase in plastic waste in the city is affecting the environment. In 2016, the Karnataka government imposed a plastic ban in the city. According to the press release, nobody,  including a shopkeeper, vendor, wholesaler, retailer, trader, or salesman shall use plastic carry bags, plastic banners,  buntings,  flex,  cups,  spoons, and a few other plastic items.

The organization run by a Bengaluru-based couple have employed 100 underprivileged women workers. The employed women earn between Rs. 5,000- 6,000 every month. The founders believe in women empowerment and provide salary on a per-piece basis to the women who work from home. The organization is also planning to involve people with disabilities.

“GreenBUG bags are a convenient, easy and eco-friendly way to dispose of garbage. They are sourced ethically and come with great service and good intentions that make them an even better proposition,” says Rashmi Vallabhajosyula, a resident of Indiranagar.

The initiative that was meant for curbing plastic usage in the city but has spread all over the country. “We believe in bringing a change in the environment and empower the underprivileged women by giving them job opportunity,” says Arun, one of the founders.

Vandhana Pinto, a resident at Bannerghatta road said, “The bags are affordable and eco-friendly. I use them regularly and believe people should start using the same in order to improve our environment badly affected by plastic pollution”.

The bin bag is made up of multiple layers of newspaper and maida (flour). One bag of wet refuse can be used for a maximum of two days and can hold up to 2 kilograms of dry waste for a longer period of time.

An environmental expert, Manju Rani stated that the organization is doing a great job with one vision, two goals. The city of Bengaluru. which was once a garden city, has now turned into a garbage city with a huge amount of plastic waste. People lack awareness and affordable alternatives. In order to improve the condition of the environment a collective action is required.