Small Political Parties Fail to Campaign Adequately

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Small political parties have failed to campaign on a large scale when compared to that of the national party.

By Rohit Chatterjee

Bengaluru April 10, 2019

The election campaign for the first phase of the Lok Sabha poll has ended. National parties have campaigned to attract voters in every possible way. However, the small parties have failed to campaign on a large scale, when compared to that of the national party due to lack of time and grandeur.

The Softcopy spoke to Kempuraja Krishnan who is contesting from Bengaluru Central said, “Regarding campaign, the Election Commission has given us rules which are good. But publicity is important. Moreover, the previous election, it was very easy because they allowed the use of flex banner through which many people actually did a lot of publicity. That is the reason a lot of people came to know about it.”

Krishnan said, “We have not been given permission to use flex banners. So campaigning is a little bit difficult. National parties have done a tremendous job but then people are aware of them. The problem of campaigning is faced by small parties.”

Krishnan also added, “Since the use of flex banners is banned, the small parties are facing a problem. The only tool we can use is social media. A lot of people are not active in social media. Another problem is the lack of media coverage.  For example, many national parties have celebrities as their candidate which attracts a lot of media attention. We are conducting door-to-door campaigns but we have to cover eight constituencies, which is difficult. We are also planning a flash mob soon to attract people.”