Backward Communities Demand Equal Rights

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The Dalit Organisations are demanding equal rights from the government.

By Rudrankar Raha

Bengaluru, Jan. 29, 2019

In the wake of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the political debate is heating up. An event was held recently by the Dalit Labour Welfare Organisation to celebrate 100 years of the Backward Communities getting equal rights, which was made possible by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

The Dalit leaders were of the opinion that the Indian constitution has given equal rights to Backward Classes and thus it is their right to be protected against atrocities.

“We want the government to provide equal job opportunities and promotion in jobs. The government should protect the dignity of all individuals and help provide housing for people from economically weak backgrounds and Backward Communities,” said Srinivasa. M, one of the senior leaders of the Dalit Labour Welfare Organisation.

“There are 28 Lok Sabha seats in Karnataka and we want representation from Backward Communities and we would like the Prime Minister to be someone from Backward Community,” added Srinivasa

Dalit leaders are demanding several other things from the government, ranging from pleas to restart companies [such as BGML Ltd, ITI Ltd, HMT Ltd, NGEF Ltd.] to provide Rs 2 lakh to people from the Below Poverty Line (BPL) who are eager to start their newly married life.

The other demands include making pre-education free for children of economically weak backgrounds and the ones discriminated on basis of caste, and providing jobs for Backward Category students – as job vacancies become available.

One more wish from their side is increasing the threshold to Rs 10 lakh, instead of the current Rs 2.5 lakh, to start having to pay income tax to the government

According to the 2011 census under 5th Pay Commission (CPC), a daily wages labour should get Rs 1,500 per day, which they often do not receive.