Data Science Jobs on the Rise

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Job Ranks number one amongst list of ten most sought-after jobs in the country.

By Priyanka Dhaundiyal

Bangalore, Jan. 17, 2019: Data science related jobs are seeing a rise in the industry in the city. Data Science ranks number one amongst a list of ten most sought-after jobs in the city, according to Analytics India Magazine. Data Science related start-ups are also on the rise, including job postings of data analysts, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and software engineers.

An upcoming event to be organised by Analytics India Magazine (AIM) aims to gather data scientists in the industry and hold a talk discussing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) fields and help attendees grow in analytics career. According to the magazine, “The one-day conference will be hosted by AIM (on March 8) to promote and celebrate innovators in data science, analytics and AI field, and to celebrate the industry’s trailblazers.”

Analytics openings in companies like JP Morgan, Accenture, Microsoft, Adobe, Flipkart, AIG, Ernst & Young, Wipro, Vodafone & Deloitte, are constantly putting out ventures in India, due to the country’s data science market having a large set of innovators in machine learning and AI.

Bangalore-based start-ups like Julia Computing, Belong, Druva, etc., and the number of new analytics jobs advertised per month increased by almost 76 percent from April 2017 to April 2018, an Edvancer & AIM study says. The study states that compared to worldwide estimates, India currently contributes 10 percent of data science job openings. AIM states, “The one-day event is set to have more than 250 participants and will feature more than 15 talks from industry leaders. The conference will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions and workshops designed to inspire more women participation in the STEM field and help attendees grow in their analytics careers.”

According to a Journal of Biometrics and Biostatistics article, “Realizing the great importance of big data, many analytical companies are engaged in finding hidden information in big data. According to internet experts, the present technological advances to collect and analyse massive sets of data is likely to lead to revolutionary changes in business and society.”

“Until now, a lot of work has been done on the tools, software, platforms, analytics, etc. applied to big data. Many organizations are giving attention in big data analytics for development, education, disaster management, health care, and natural resource management for benefit of society. Therefore, it is attempted to compile and document the real use cases, benefits, advantages, impact and future challenges of big data.”

Picture Credits: Ayanti Bera, IIJNM.