Are Schools Digitally Equipped After Roshni Project?


Doordarshan has initiated project ‘Roshni’ to provide tablets and smart TVs to Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike schools. Some schools are undergoing the process of implementation.

By Virendra Singh

Bangalore, Jan. 17 ,2019: Recently, TAV (Tech Avant Grade) and Doordarshan (TV channel of Indian Government) are in collaboration with BBMP come up with a more advanced plan to turn teaching system of the BBMP schools. ‘Doordarshan Roshni’ is the project initiated for implementing it.

A private company has spent 45 crores of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) fund to turn schools into digital schools. To encourage and maintain the number of students stable, BBMP has signed collaboration for five years for this project. Doordarshan is giving the technology to air this curriculum and TAV is providing the content for this purpose to teach the students.

Rajendra Singh Babu, the well-known director of Kannada film industry is arranging some programs like movies for students. It will make the students understand about the movie. ‘’For different age groups like 4 to 6 and above 10, we will arrange different categories of the shows as per their mindsets’’, he said.

On Nov. 15,  2018 the project was inaugurated. Initially, TV has been installed in the area of Cleaveline. ‘’Circumference of signal will be 76 kilometers in the city. Tenure of collaboration is five years as of now, and if we feel the need for further collaboration, we will expand the tenure’’,said Pallavi KR (Assistant Commissioner, Education, Bengaluru).

‘’We are teaching maths, science and English from TV now and in the second stage we will issue tablets to each student’’. As a subject we have English but as a language students are not able to learn properly. ‘’We want that our students should get proper teaching facilities so that they should not feel bad about their way of getting education, and students from private school should also come to BBMP schools ’’,  she added.

Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, BBMP School is yet to be equipped with Roshni project. Principal of the school said, ‘’Until now we have not received the tablets, and students are not getting new way of teaching methods. It will be a good step towards our students if they will get such kind of methods, they can learn more creatively’’.

Another BBMP school Sri Kaveri Ashrama Educational Society of Devraj Urs Nagar is facing the same problem. Nagaraju C, teacher of school said, ‘’we came to know about this project, but we did not received any kind of approach from BBMP yet’’.

BBMP schools have a total 17,412 students in 156 schools in Bengaluru city. ‘’We do not want to stay behind in advance learning technology and so this project will upgrade our schools and colleges’’, said Raveendra (Special Commissioner, Education, Bengaluru).

We cannot guess the creativity and expectation of the students and they should not feel that we are not letting them to access such facilities. ‘’Students who cannot speak English stay back and so we have started this project to make them learn even better by audio visual manner’’, he said.

‘’Doordarshan is giving the technology to air the content to teach and Microsoft is providing the tablets’’. Touch screen and digital boards will be provided soon in every school.

Pallavi V, student of Sri Kaveri school said, ‘’ it will be creative and interesting for us to learn from digital boards and tablets. Audio visual form of learning is easier to understand’’.