Virtual Reality Now Offered in Schools

City Technology

Some schools in Bengaluru are now using the power of technology to educate children.

The Blossoms School in Bengaluru has become the first school in the city to introduce Virtual Reality (VR) modules to teach students. There are VR headsets and other gears available for students to learn different subjects.

“The VR module is being used for the first time in the state to teach students,” said Suma, a teacher at Blossoms Schools for 15 years. “When I teach students they get distracted, but due to introduction of VR headsets they concentrate more. Their eyes and ears complement each other.”

“There are dyslexic students and students with learning disabilities and we are trying hard so that these children can also compete with the mainstream students,” explained Suma to the Softcopy newspaper.

“The VR modules are generally used in the last period to make the students happy,” said Prasanth, a teacher at Blossoms. “This technology has really helped increase the concentration of children in classrooms. There is an app available through which the lessons in the VR headset can be accessed. The students get to study a variety of topics ranging from the field of science to social sciences.”

“D Shashi Kumar, head of Blossoms Research Application Interact Nurture (BRAIN) centre, a research wing of the school got this idea while he was on a trip to the United States,” added Prasanth. “There has been a huge improvement among children after this technology was implemented.”

The students of the Blossoms School are really happy with the introduction of virtual reality in their classrooms as they get to learn concepts like India’s freedom struggle, beating of hearts,  and static electricity in a headset with a three dimensional view.

D Shashi Kumar, who is the general secretary of the Associated Managements of Private un-aided English Medium Schools in Karnataka (KAMS) is the man behind implementing this idea.

A few other schools in Bengaluru are planning to come up with the idea of virtual reality.