Only Two Marriages Registered After Transgenders Got Their Fundamental Rights, Last Year

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There are 20,266 transgender persons in Karnataka, out of which only two have registered their marriage legally.

Bengaluru, Sept. 27, 2018: Nearly a year ago, the state of Karnataka passed the Transgender Bill, on Oct. 2017, which assured all the Fundamental Rights to the transgender. It’s been a year since then and there are only two transgender amongst 20,266 in Karnataka, according to, India census 2011, who have registered their marriage legally.

Akkai Padmashali, a transgender activist, who was the first trans-woman to get married recently this year, said, “There are a lot of transgender couples who get married but haven’t registered their marriage yet.” She added, “Even after the decriminalization of Section 377, a lot of people from LGBTQ community are scared to come out. There is no inclusivity in society.”

Both the transgender marriages were registered in KR Puram sub registrar office. Raghuvendra, Second Division Assistant at Marriage Registrar office, said, “They should be willing to get their marriage registered. Nobody can force them.”

Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, that states that “indulging in carnal intercourse, against the order of nature, with any man, woman or animal shall be punished with imprisonment of life”, it was read down recently; it decriminalized consensual adult gay sex.

A lot of people from LGBTQ community have come out after that. But some are still scared of the society. Suman, a transgender who works for an Ondede, said, “Acceptance is an important thing and the government isn’t doing anything to encourage more transgender marriages in the city.”

The Softcopy spoke to some of the residents in  Bangalore about their opinion on the matter: Kajal, who resides in KR Puram said, “There is a stigma that is going on for years. It takes time for the people to accept change.”

L. Suresh, the Public Relations Officer of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) claims that the government has taken the necessary steps to give all the rights to the transgender community, which will encourage them to come out and register their marriage legally.