Veerashaiva members of Basava Foundation oppose minority tag


Accuse Panchapeeta swamis of discriminatory practices

Bangalore, April 13, 2018: Veerashaiva members of the Basava Foundation vehemently opposed the minority tag demanded by the Panchapeeta Swamis.

Delhi Karnataka Sangha Secretary, CM.Nagaraj, President Basava International Foundation’s London branch, S.Mahadeviah, and Foundation’s Members, MSA.Aradhya and S.Mruthyunjaya, who themselves belonged to the Panchapeeta said that the minority tag demand of the Veerashaiva community is unjustified and baseless.

Mr. Nagaraj, a member of the foundation said, “The Veerashaivas practice discrimination in many forms”, adding that “They are patriarchal, casteist and communal whereas Basavanna preached equal rights for women and men of all classes and communities. That’s the reason why we promote his ideology.”

Mr.Mahadeviah said that the Panchapeeta swamis become ardent followers of Basavanna when it suits them. “All of this is just politics. They want the benefits arising from obtaining a minority tag. In a 1992 conference between Veerashaivas and Lingayats the two communities fought like cats and dogs claiming superiority over each other and now they want a minority tag,” he pointed out.

He also criticized the Lingayat swamis of focusing on the fake religious customs and rituals instead of the tenets of Basavanna’s teachings. “They must concentrate on the content of his discourses rather than the hogwash customs and superstitions that were fabricated,” he averred.

They also specifically accused the Lingayat Mahasabha swamis of distorting the teachings of Basavanna by solely focusing on the religious customs and rituals.

Mr. Aradhya said that one need not belong to any particular race or caste to be a Lingayat. “Members of all religions follow Basavanna’s teachings. His teachings shouldn’t be confined to any specific religion and must never be politicized. We only want his egalitarian ideology to be followed,” he said.

The Foundation members insisted that first the religious tag must be removed from Basavanna. “He questioned why his sister wasn’t being bestowed the Janaeu (Sacred thread of the Brahmins) during his thread wearing ceremony, started a parliament in the 12th century called Anubhavamandappa and introduced liberal values in those times. We think this should be what Basavanna must be known for,” said Mr.Mruthyunjaya.

(Image- Right to left S.Mahadevaiah, CM.Nagaraj and S.Mruthyunjaya)