Students choose fields over books in Ron


High school students in Ron discontinue education after summer break.

Bangalore,April 11, 2018:  High schools in Ron Taluk see an increase in drop out rates as children get occupied with labour work during summer and discontinue their education.

Veena, a mathematics teacher at Hirehal Government High School said that most of the students get employed in agricultural construction work during their summer break and do not return after classes resume. The mathematics teacher noted that the students only attend the first few months of school to use the free amenities provided by the government schools.

“Their families have forced them to give up their education and contribute to the income of their families. The government of Karnataka has provided these children with free amenities such as free bicycles, uniforms, books and mid day meals,” she added.

Chikkamannur Government High School, which comprises of four high schools, recorded five dropouts in the ninth grade  this year.

In Sasarika Madrid Kendra Shala in Hirehal village, there were  five dropouts in the ninth grade  this year . The year before, there were three dropouts out of which two  girls were married off.

The authorities at the Sarana Basaveshwara High School reported the dropout of five students from eighth grade, six students from ninth grade and five students from tenth grade.

The Itagi Government High School has recorded seven drop outs in the 10th grade.

The faculty states poverty as the main reason behind the high dropout rates in schools.

The government of Karnataka has implemented the Students Tracking System (STS) which is a new scheme to link the students’ Aadhaar card to their admission number.   The system is used to monitor the student’s activities and ensure that they’re going to school and freeze the amenities provided to them if they fail to continue their education.

Surveys conducted on the high school dropout rates in Karnataka show that Bijapur has the highest rate of dropouts in the state