Malleswaram sees increase in new voting IDs


Bangalore, April 9, 2018: There has been a six per cent increase in the voter list of Malleswaram constituency, since last year. The constituency expects more than two lakh people to vote in 86 voting booths, says the revenue officer of the zone.

“It has been one month since the procedure of voting enrollment has started aggressively and since then, everyday, we get 50-60 forms for either new registration of voter ID or those who changed their voter constituency due to migration,” said Gautam, Revenue officer.

Malleswaram constituency has added 15 more polling booths in the zone as they expect more voters this year.

“This is the first year when the Election Commission has decided to conduct an awareness program to encourage citizens to vote especially in Bangalore,” says the officer.

“The techies and IT people working in the city are the ones who do not register for voting or do not show up on voting day as they make use of the weekends and go out of station. This awareness program in the city was focused on this demographic,” he added.

The seven voter enrollment centers in Malleshwaram received 2,300 forms on the awareness day which was yesterday.

The Election Commission organized a ‘flash registration’ yesterday because of several complaints from citizens relating to non-inclusion on mother rolls.

The drive was aimed to cater to four categories of people: The set of people who are first time voters and register for voting ID, people who want to remove the name of deceased person from the list, citizens who want correction in their name and address and the ones who want to change their constituency of voting after migration.