Bangalore becomes hub for online crypto courses


Online crypto courses in Bangalore are on a rise as demand for those who possess crypto knowledge increases in India.

Bangalore, 8 March, 2018: With the government pushing for adaptation of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Blockchain Technology across different sectors, institutes providing crash courses on blockchain have been experiencing a higher demand.

Arun Jaitley, the present Finance Minister, during the recent budget announcement stressed upon Blockchain and its usage across various sectors.

Vineet Chaaturvedi, Co-founder of Edureka, an institute that provides online training said that their organisation has experienced a hike in the number of applicants who have applied for the crash courses and that the demand is increasing.

“Edureka, which had launched its online crash courses in July of 2017 has been seeing increasing demands in the number of students,” added Vineet.

He further said, “In fact, there has been a 157 percent increase in people learning Blockchain from Edureka since its launch in July.”

Erudeka launched its Blockchain Certification Training in July and states that this has been their highest selling course over the last few months. Vineet says that out of 1300 learners across the globe, 53 per cent of them are in India, while 42 per cent are from Bangalore followed by Hyderabad at 16 per cent and Pune at per cent.”

He said that compared to July, more and more techies are interested in understanding the technology now. “People have now started to understand the various uses of the technology. They now know that it can be used across various sectors and that it is not only restricted to bitcoins,” added Vineet.

Similarly, another start-up in Bangalore, Near And Learn-AI, which offers similar services like that of Edureka has had a similar experience. Kashima of Near And Learn said, “Yes, there has been a steady demand for the course in the last few months.”

“Our online crash courses are more popular and get around 300 to 400 applicants every 40 days,” added Kashima.

Vikas Singh, CTO of BlocksByBlocks, a Blockchain developing company based out of Delhi said that the push from the government’s side is what is making people take up such crash courses.

He feels that this is the technology of the future and even though this is not a prerequisite for getting a job now, over the next few years, it is definitely going to become necessary.

He explains that the ledger-based peer to peer technology can be used in a number of practices other than just Bitcoins. An article in Forbes reported that blockchain technology can be used to improve government’s efficiency across various sectors by removing corruption. As a matter of fact, the West Bengal government in December of 2017 had planned to tap into this technology to keep online records secure.

“Having knowledge on blockchain is definitely going to help in job applications in corporates or finance and banking,” added Vikas.

As a blockchain developer, he says that there has been an increasing demand for his services since there aren’t enough people with knowledge in India.

Many techies have been in the run for starting their very own Blockchain developing companies since they feel that there is an ever-increasing demand in India.

Such is the case of Ramana, an app developer, with a crash course on Block chain technology wishes to turn into a blockchain developer said that he decided to learn the technology since he wishes to open his own company.

Although most people enrolling themselves are techies, there are working professionals from Finance and accounting backgrounds that are keen on learning mentioned Vikas.

Even though the future of the usage of this technology in India is still murky, data provided by Edureka shows that the interest has been growing among Indians.

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