Haris Case: Café permitted to resume business


Farzi Café gets conditional  permission from Cubbon Park police station to re-open

The Cubbon Park police station have permitted  Farzi Café to resume business almost a month after Congress MLA’s son Mohammed Harris Nalapad was booked for assaulting a youth at the café.

The Cubbon Park police officials said that they have given the permission under certain conditions. The café will have to close at intervals  as per police orders  as the investigation is not yet complete. The café will be also be under surveillance; smoking will be prohibited till further permissions; limited alcohol will be served (limits have not been defined); no waiting will be allowed if the café is full and any suspicious activity should be immediately reported to the police.

Restaurant manager Neeraj said, “Initially the police had said that they will grant permission to reopen in  10 days following the incident. But, we have got the permission after one month. Anyway, it’s never too late and we are happy that finally we will have our routine back. Two to three employees have already left us and I am glad that we got the permission before more employees left. It will take us at least two days to start functioning, but it will definitely take a little while to gain the speed of customers that we had.”

The Central Crime Branch officials have refused to comment stating that they cannot reveal any information related to the progress of investigations as it is yet to be completed.

After the City Civil and Sessions Court had refused the bail plea, the Karnataka High Court had also refused to grant bail to Mohammed Harris Nalapad stating that granting bail to him might hamper the ongoing investigation. Mohammed along with his five friends has been booked for  an attempt to murder after they allegedly assaulted Vidvat Loganathan, son of a businessman on February 17 in the city.