K R Puram plagued by burglary, 50 % rise this year


Bangalore, Sep 12, 2017: The number of burglaries in KR Puram has gone up by 50 per cent this year, police say.

Since January this year, 194 cases of house burglaries have been reported so far, said the K R Puram police. Rayappa N, constable, said that in 2015, there were 68 house thefts and in 2016, 78 houses had been burgled.

Only five and four cases had been resolved in 2015 and 2016 respectively, he said.
Most of the complaints have been reported from Medahalli, TC Palya, Shanti Layout, Ayyapa Nagar, Devsandra, Baswanpura, and Seegehalli.

D. Krishnappa, Assistant Sub Inspector, KR Puram Police Station said that, they have managed to trace 26 thieves till date in 2017.

The most recent case was in Medahalli earlier this month. Mahadeva, who runs a grocery store in the area, said that his house was burgled on September 3.The family went on a holiday on Sunday and returned on Monday morning to find that the lock was broken. Rs. 1, 30,000 in cash was missing. They reported it to the KR Puram Police station.

Melwin M, sub-inspector at the K R Puram police station said that they are patrolling the areas and calling everyone for meetings. The police have recommended that people stop using padlocks because these are clear indications that no one is at home. Most homes that have been burgled so far have had padlocks. People fail to attend the meetings organized by the police department and this is the reason why they are facing problems in creating awareness, he said.

Gopal Hosur, Retired IPS Officer said that police should plot the cases on a map, identify areas susceptible to burglary separately for day and night, visit the crime records to find out modus operandi criminals who have operated in past in the area and surrounding area. They also need to be vigilant about people who receive stolen property. He insisted that the police must educate people on preventive measures.

B.A. Basavaraja, MLA from KR Puram, said that the police are trying their best to reduce the house thefts. The police are spreading awareness and advising people about what precautionary measures must be taken to avoid thefts.