Housing Minister addresses land issue for weaker sections.


Landowners in Ramanagar taluk, Kaakmaranahalli taluk, Bhattarahalli taluk among other areas, provided their lands to the government for development activities. Thereafter, the farmers and landowners have requested other land as compensation in addition to the money given to them by the government.

The government is providing the farmers with 26 lakhs for one-acre land. They are also giving a 30×40 ft. site to those who have provided over one acre of land.M Krishnappa, the Housing Minister, has informed that since Karnataka government favors agriculture, they have decided to provide land for the poor regardless of the fact that they don’t have a budget allotted for it. “We have decided to help everyone. Today we will be allotting land to 384 people under the lottery system so that everybody has a fair chance,” said Krishnappa.

Shivamurthy, Commissioner of the Housing Board said that they had received 5000 applications out of which,  384 sites will be allotted to economically weaker sections today. The rest will be allotted tomorrow and on the 1st of March.

The three-day event aims to help the economically weaker section, low-income groups, middle-income groups and high-income groups.

Chineappa, a farmer from Bidadi informed that he was supposed to get 32 lakhs but received only 26 lakhs. “I along with other farmers feel cheated by the government. We should have received more money as compensation as the land was undervalued by the government. However, we can’t completely blame the government as some of the farmers went to the government officials themselves and fought to receive the 32 lakhs.”

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  • Housing Minister helps the weaker section of the society
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