Caught in the headlights? Welcome to Bangalore

Within a year, city sees a jump of 42 per cent in the use of high beam headlights

Bangalore, Jan 24, 2018: The number of dazzling headlight violations has gone up to 18,581 for the year 2017 from 13,043 for 2016 as vehicle owners continue to flout rules.

“Every week almost 43 cases are booked and a fine of Rs. 100 is collected from the drivers who use high beam headlights. It is risky for people who cross roads as they could get hurt. Also using high beam lights in the city is not required because there are enough street lights,” said Nagesh Gowda, Traffic police constable.
Abhishek Goyal, IPS, DCP Traffic East said, “Not only dazzling headlights, many other offences are increasing on the city roads. Until now no specific awareness drive has been conducted for this issue, but we’re planning to do it soon” he added.

Riddhi Shukla, a car driver said she is forced to use high beam lights, given the fact the city has many areas where street lights are not working.

Recently ACP traffic north, conducted a special drive against use of dazzling headlight in traffic north sub-division and a total of 188 cases were booked in two hours.

Hari Krishnan Nambisan said, “Once while riding at night, due to the dazzling headlights of the oncoming vehicle, I was blinded and my bike swerved to the side of the road which could have been fatal for me.”

Prasana, an optometrist said that the glare from high-beam lights can cause short-term blindness and affect the night vision of the driver due to which accidents take place. It causes itching sensation in the eyes of the driver which is very harmful.

The Central Motor Vehicles Rules  clearly define the use of such lamps in vehicles that don’t dazzle a person at a distance of eight meters.