Bangalore set to celebrate Republic Day in style

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The city is in for a treat with many performances by music and theatre groups.

Bangalore, January 23, 2018: Various artists and music schools in the city are celebrating Republic Day by paying tribute to India’s rich cultural heritage.

The Veena Vani school of music has decided to set a world record on the January 26h with more than 10,000 students coming together to sing the national anthem and the state anthem at Madhavan Park.

“We are creating a Guinness World Record on Republic Day with 10,000 students from various music schools in Bangalore coming together in Madhavan Park and singing the national anthem and the state anthem. The programme is aimed at proudly embracing our ethnicity and patriotism,”Ishita, a student of the school and one of the organisers told The SoftCopy.

Students of about 25 music schools in the city are taking part in the programme and are expected to wear green on that day.

Veena Vani school is already a Guinness World Record holder for the largest keyboard ensemble of 175 Carnatic keyboards.

The Banyan Tree is also organising an event “Splendour of Masters”, at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall in Malleswaram.

Hindustani classical vocalist, Pandit Venkatesh Kumar, Santoor player, Rahul Sharma, folk singer, Kachra Khan and Indian music director, R Prasanna are scheduled to perform at the event.

In addition to this, Indian Musical Experience (IME) is organising a fundraiser, where Aishwarya S, MS Subbulaxmi’s great granddaughter , is to perform., Former Chief Minister of Karnataka SM Krishna is expected to attend the event.

Aditi Gudi, Admin Head at IME said: “The program will be an exhibit preview and we will also receive MS Subbulaxmi’s saree, tambura and the letter she received from Mahatma Gandhi on the same day. The programme is more of a fundraiser, our trustees and those who have contributed to the

development of the museum will be given a short tour of a few places in the museum.”

Talking about the fundraiser and the installation of memorabilia at the IME, Ishita said: “The preservation of MS Subbulaxmi’s memorabilia in the museum will be a constant encouragement to children and the young generation who are interested in Carnatic music. It is a wonderful step taken by the museum for the advancement of Carnatic music. It also shows that a great leader like Mahatma Gandhi was also influenced by legends like MS SubbuLaxmi.”

Sugnan Dani, a Hindustani music vocalist said, “It is wonderful that the museum has decided to preserve the memorabilia of MS Subbulaxmi, but as the name of the museum is Indian Musical Experience, they should also keep some memorabilia of Hindustani music legends like Bhimsen Joshi who is also from the same state”.

The Admin Head at IME said that as of now the museum would only accept the memorabilia of MS Subbulaxmi as one of the installations in the museum.

The Republic Day celebrations are not limited to music alone, as Pravalika Sathayanarayana is also scheduled to perform at the JSS auditorium in Jayanagar.

Karthik Hebbar, a Carnatic Vocalist who is supposed to accompany her said, “Pravalika will perform the Rangapravesha, a Bharatanatyam recital at the JSS auditorium on the 26th”.

In another event to be held at Kathriguppe, Seetha Kote is all set to perform a one woman play, which is a feminist take on Kalidasa’s Shakuntala.

Seetha Kote, a noted dancer and actor said, “The play is written by award winner srimati Vaidehi and directed by Mr. Krishnamoorthy Kavapa, this production happened 10 years before and I have taken up this production in my own way. We know the story from Kalidasa’s point of view. The play is about how Shakuntala would want to narrate her own story.”