Artisans at Bangalore Utsav complain about GST


After the implementation of the GST, artisans at Bangalore Utsav complain about losses and slump in business.

Bangalore, November 20, 2017: At the Bangalore Utsav conducted by the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat, shopkeepers have said that they have experienced a 50% decrease in business post GST.

Artisans from all art fields have incurred losses up to Rs 5-6 lakhs since last year’s turnover.

Mukesh Kumar, a jewellery vendor, said that he has incurred a loss of Rs 10,000 since last year after GST implementation.

Sahana, a volunteer at Gaatakatha NGO which caters to the needs of the handloom and handicraft workers, said that since the implementation of GST, the handicraft workers have suffered financially. Hence, the NGO is trying to relieve these artisans from the negative impact of GST.

Madhumita, owner of The Indus Valley, a company that buys handmade kitchen wooden utensils from artisans, said that before GST was implemented, the tax on handicraft was nil. Post GST, the tax on handicraft products has raised to 12%.

Saroj, event manager of Bangalore Utsav, said that GST has been like a chain effect. Since the shopkeepers are incurring losses, they are unable to pay their rent on time which in turn is impacting the organizers of the event.

On the contrary, Anamalai Gopalan, Tanjore painting salesperson, said that GST has had a positive impact on her business. She said that her business has increased by 25% since GST was implemented.
Ms Gopalan added that before GST, the transportation cost added complications to her business and posed a hindrance. Hence, she is in favour of the tax and its impact.
Subraiah. M. Hegde, a retired Joint Commissioner of commercial taxes, said, “GST is the best alternative for an indirect tax. It will take some for the economy to adjust to the impact of the GST. With the tax at just 12 per cent, consumers shouldn’t mind paying the extra tax since the cost price of the commodity is high itself.”