Semi-naked man on HC screen

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The Karnataka High Court has issued a notice to the semi-naked man with contempt of court.

A semi-naked man appeared on the screen while Indira Jaising was giving her arguments through video conferencing in the Court Hall of Chief Justice of Karnataka.

Jaising had joined court proceedings for the case Smt. Geetha Mishra vs. State of Karnataka. The advocate had also filed a Writ Petition connected with the case and it was being heard by Chief Justice of Karnataka, Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi and Justice Sachin Shankar Magadum.

While arguing about the legality of the constitution of the Special Investigation Team (SIT), Jaising saw a semi-naked man on her screen.

The bench and the people present in the court had no idea about it, until she informed the Chief Justice of Karnataka. The court hall was in shock as people were trying to figure out what happened.

After informing the bench about it, the court clerk found out that a man named Sridhar Bhat, with the ID “ASB” had accessed the video conference.

Jaising left the video conference for five minutes as she was outraged because of the incident and was on the verge of crying. The court proceedings went on for another 10 minutes after she joined again to complete the arguments.

After the matter was set for another date, Jaising asked the bench to charge the alleged person with contempt of court as he disrupted an ongoing proceeding. The bench said that they had blocked him from accessing the court through video conference, and after her request, the Chief Justice of Karnataka asked the clerk to send a notice to the alleged person.

According to Bar and Bench, she has filed a sexual harassment case against the man.

The Writ Petition was filed in public interest challenging an order passed by the Commissioner of Police of Bangalore city transferring three cases to SIT, which was given on 11 March 2021. One of the cases transferred was related to Ramesh Jarkiholi Sex CD.

Correction: Indira Jaising was not flashed but a semi-naked man appeared on her screen while she was arguing the case.


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