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Where Bangalore's flyovers help de-congest the roads, traffic snarls during their construction is another matter.
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Mysore road metro station will soon see a new metro neighbourhood coming up in Kengeri.
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Thankfully the city was spared with another bout of rains despite clouds playing hide and seek the whole day.
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Bangalore continues to grow; new skyscrapers keep appearing in its skyline. But, is the city equipped to meet the rising demands on its already strained resources?
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Bangalore breathes in its parks. The few arbours that dot the city provide temporary relief to the harried citizens looking for some peace and quiet.
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It is sad to see canopies of trees being torn for concrete jungles. The people of Bangalore must work to preserve the few pockets of green in the city.
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Imagine the stories that all the skywalks in the city must have filed away in their collective memory. Innumerable footfalls echo the steel pathways each day.

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