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Auto drivers in Bangalore drive without a License

By Jaswanth Reddy
Bengaluru, September 8: Several auto drivers in Rajajinagar Industrial Area have not displayed their license in the auto rickshaw. Most of these drivers said that they do not have licenses because they do not have the educational qualification to possess one.

Umesh, an auto driver based in Rajajinagar, said he was not eligible to apply for license because of his educational qualifications.  He said, “I am from a rural area. I am not educated and came to Bangalore for my livelihood. Now, I cannot get a license without my certificates, which I don’t have.”
Another auto driver, Sivakumar said that the fine for unlicensed drivers has increased from Rs. 300 to Rs. 2500. He said, “Because of the increase in fines, we are suffering and we need a license at any cost.”

The commuters feel unsafe to travel in unlicensed autos. Deepa, an employee at BlueDart, frequently travels by auto. She said, “There is insecurity when there is no license displayed on the auto. We do not feel safe.”

According to the rule, the autodriver is eligible to hold a license only if he has passed 8th standard. The officer at the Rajajinagar Regional Transport Office said, "The rule was made in 1985 that applicants for auto rickshaw license must have passed 8th standard. We cannot change that."
Also, According to 1989 Karnataka Motor Vehicle Rules, all autorickshaw drivers while on duty must display their driver’s badge on his chest. In addition, the vehicles should have a copy on display.

 Traffic inspector (Rajajinagar police station) Harish said, “Since the fine has increased to Rs. 2500, auto drivers are becoming responsible and are applying for a license.The cases will see a decline from the next month.”

Anand Rao, a retired RTO said that one way of getting over this law is for auto drivers to appear for class 10th privately. Even if they fail that, they are considered to have passed 8th standard.He also said that it was the duty of the drivers to get those qualifications and get their licenses or risk being banned from driving in Bangalore. 



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