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Cauvery protests intensify post SC verdict | By Team SoftCopy


The Supreme Court verdict directing Karnataka to release more water to Tamil Nadu set off protests across the state and Bengaluru city on Monday.

Garbage and sewage choke Sarakki Lake | By Anjala Farahath

Bigger fines don’t cap helmet violations | By Aaditya Narayan

Education a bar for auto drivers | By Narreddy Jaswanth Reddy

Traffic cripples commuters at Hosakerehalli Cross | By Shubhangi Shukla

No city for walkers | By Vivek Dubey

Bachelors face accommodation crisis | By Gazal Malik

Three deaths in a month, rabies still a concern | By Ishita Dave


Epidemic Diseases Hospital (EDH) in Indiranagar saw three deaths due to rabies in the last month. Of these, two were from rural Karnataka.

Leaking walls; HMT residents face sleepless nights |
By Jenika Shah

BBMP uses public place for dumping garbage, pollutes Yelachenahalli Lake | By Anirudh Saligrama

Low cables in Rajagopal Nagar posing high-voltage threat | By Karen Noronha

Drilling stalls overdue bridge construction in Byatarayanapura | By Suraj Radhakrishnan

Stalled market building creates space crunch | By Mansi Bhasin

Under bridge cuts down rush hour woes | By Mohitjeet Singh Virk

K.R. Market hawkers snatch vendors trade | By Pramita Sarkar

Issue 3 Issue 4

SC: Karnataka to release 6000cu. until Sept. 27 | By Team SoftCopy

Karnataka must release 6000 cusecs of water every day to Tamil Nadu, until September 27, when the Supreme Court will hear the case again.


Varthur STP to be ready in March | By Priyanka Sarkar

Puttenahalli slum dwellers refuse to move | By Anjala Farahath

No takers for Tamil school | By Shubhangi Shukla

City tops in unlicensed pharmacies in State | By Aaditya Narayan

Bangalore’s garbage threatens village kids’ health | By Mahima Paul

Illegal racing accelerates in city | By Vivek Dubey

Two month-old road, full of potholes | By Gazal Malik

Poorly-lit underpass at Bommanhalli, increases crime | By Darshan Baid

Sheesha law goes up in smoke | By Swati Priyadarshini

Prohibited fishing snaps fishermen’s business | By Hakimuddin Kholiya

Many fishermen are fishing illegally at many Bangalore lakes, affecting not just the ecology of the lake, but also the business of fishermen who carry licenses to fish.


Fewer loans for minorities encourages drop outs | By Jenika Shah

No one knows about new crop insurance plan | By Mohitjeet Singh Virk

Killer methane not monitored, directly linked to increase in asthma | By Suraj Radhakrishnan

Doctors lack expertise in treating transgender patients | By Karen Noronha

Only a few people complain to BWSSB | By Ishita Dave

Sewage leakage at Koramangala causes potholes, creates traffic congestion | By Anirudh Saligrama

Auto Rickshaw drivers violate PUC norms | By Pramita Sarkar

Clogging in Pantarapalya drainage poses health hazards | By Durwas Rane

Issue 5 Issue 6

Mobile towers signal health concern for JP Nagar residents | By Anjala FarahathResidents of Deepak Layout, J P Nagar, complain of health issues resulting from mobile towers installed atop buildings in the vicinity.

Transplantation laws violated in Bangalore Hospitals | By Aaditya Narayan

City Tankers operating without Licenses | By Vivek Dubey

Sewage Treatment Plants costs residents Lakhs | By Leo Reegan

Public Smoking penalties cause no harm to smokers | By Darshan Baid

Fines fail to increase household rainwater harvesting | By Narreddy Jaswanth Reddy

BBMP digitalization moving at snail’s pace | By Mansi Bhasin

Namma Metro commuters face parking crunch | By Gazal Malik

Unstable Varthur bridge concern for commuters | By Priyanka Sarkar

Gram Panchayat provides potable water to 73 villages | By Swati Priyadarshini

Drunken driving on the rise in Bangalore | By Shubhangi Shukla


Fire Safety precautions lacking in Electronic City | By Karen NoronhaThousands of lives are at risk due to the newly built high rise apartment blocks in Electronic City which fail to meet fire safety standards according to the Fire Department of Government of Karnataka.

11 people killed at illegal crossing near Nayandahalli | By Suraj Radhakrishnan

Large variance in proposed and actual budgets of Bangalore’s civic authorities | By Ishita Dave

Lack of faith on judiciary system sees a decline in filing consumer complaints | By Anirudh Saligrama

Wrong parking tops the list of traffic offences in Bangalore | By Jenika Shah

MGNREGA failed at Bangalore, employ’s just 10 per cent | By Hakimuddin Kholiya

Illegal Dumping in Dubasipalya Lake | By Durwas Rane

Illegal advertising bills deface the city | By Shivam Rai

Monkey menace continues in the city | By Shantanu

Golahalli Panchayat to control water wastage in wake of Cauvery Issue | By Mohitjeet Singh Virk

Children at traffic signals selling away right to education | By Pramita Sarkar

Issue 7 Issue 8


Own goal: City loses U17 World Cup | By Aaditya Narayan

Bangalore has lost the opportunity to host any matches of the FIFA under-17 World Cup being held next year. This is because the Bengaluru Football Stadium is not ready.

Minors sell cigarettes, cases go up | By Priyanka Sarkar

Visitors violate park rules | By Shubhangi Shukla

Corrections in Aadhar cards take time | By Gazal Malik

BMTC breakdowns cause snarls in city | By Mahima Paul


Cauvery dispute tanks fire crackers business in Hosur | By Anirudh Saligrama

With Diwali festival approaching, the fire cracker business at Hosur sees a decline in sales as people fear buying crackers due to the ongoing Cauvery dispute.


Nayandahalli PHC lacks blood testing kits | By Suraj Radhakrishnan

Alarming number of buildings breaking fire safety code | By Karen Noronha

Road construction; 11 children leave school due to dust | By Jenika Shah

Cauvery Riots lead to decline in Tourism | By Mohitjeet Singh Virk

Residential areas facing dangerous levels of noise pollution | By Shantanu Sinha

Rural Bangalore gets toilets under Swachh Bharat Mission | By Shivam Rai




Issue 9 Issue 10  

Substance abuse on the rise amongst women | By Shubhangi Shukla

National Institute of Mental health and Neurosciences from 2010-2014 received approximately 75 female patients demanding rehabilitation and de-addiction.  The number of cases in have increased in 2015 an 2016.

Houseful at old age homes | By Anjala Farahath

Pesticides Killing Vultures | By Vivek Dubey

Karnataka ranks third in cyber crimes nationally | By Leo Reegan

New BBMP zones see skyrocketing water rates | By
Aaditya Narayan

RSPM increasing to dangerous levels | By Mansi Bhasin

No Solution To Lake Pollution | By Swati Priyadarshini




T.B or not T.B | By Suraj Radhakrishnan

Karnataka has the lowest patient retreatment success figures in India after Assam, Meghalaya and Maharashtra. Sixty-two percent of patients are relapsing and the figure is growing. 

Start-Ups Down in number | By Anirudh Saligrama

Farming reaches new heights | By Karen Noronha

Karnataka ranks third in violent crimes | By Shantanu

Funds not on time, 44% MGNREGA beneficiaries affected | By Durwas Rane

Acute shortage of health workers in Karnataka | By Hakimuddin Kholiya

‘Take care of diabetes and in return diabetes will take care of you' | By Pramita Sarkar

School in Golahalli has only three teachers | By Surender Singh Bisht

Govt fails to maintain public toilets in Bangalore | By Shivam Rai

Issue 11 Issue 12

NIMHANS and IISc to conduct joint dementia-prevention study | By Aaditya Narayan

Students, Stress and Suicides | By Shubhangi Shukla

India rates high on maternity deaths | By Mahima Paul

Bangalore Unsafe for Women | By Swati Priyadarshini

Big Bangalore problem gets a solution | By Mansi Bhasin

Anganwadis in poor state | By Darshan Baid

Development costs Bangalore its Heritage | By Vivek Dubey

No Awareness about Aadhar and Ration Card linkage | By Leo Reegan

Tata Capital issues Rs 24 crore to Advaith Hyundai | By Vivek Dubey

Birds at risk | By Anjala Farahath

65 lakh vehicles in Bangalore streets, and rising | By Priyanka Sarkar

Issue 13 Issue 14  

The Transgender Taboo | By Gazal Malik

The Church Miracle| By Mansi Bhasin

The Toy Story| By Shubhangi Shukla

The Bake Blogger| By Priyanka Sarkar

Indian Stunt Riding| By Mohitjeet Virk

Hippie Hampi| By Swati Priyadarshini

The Food Fest| By Pramita Sarkar



4G unreachable to rural India| By Durwas Rane

IVF- A solution for Indian parents| By Mahima Paul

Dhoni's legacy as a captain tough to match| By Shantanu Sinha

Growth of E-vehicle ecosystem in India| By Leo Reegan

The plight of women in Bangalore| By Darshan Baid

Festember: A fest to remember| By Surender Singh Bhist

Brushstrokes in the backstreet| By Romita Majumdar

Issue 15 Issue 16  

The Union Budget| By Mansi Bhasin

Culture vs Law| By Gazal Malik

Bye-Bye cycle| By Shubhangi Shukla

City: Hookah zoned| By Mohitjeet Virk

The Toy Vendors| By Swati Priyadarshini

The Music Shift| By Priyanka Sarkar

Kadlekai Parishe Fest| By Pramita Sarkar

Reaction of people after the Union Budget 2017| Darshan Baid

Rail Budget 2017 to focus on safety after two fatal derailments| By Durvas Rane

The Migration of Fear| By Azmia Riaz

Trichy boy bringing paintings to life| By Leo Reegan

On Your Mark, Get Set, but don't Dope| By Surender Singh Bisht

India's Billion dollar smartphone market| By Darshan Baid

Cubbon Park metro station is Joy for kids| By Shivam Rai

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