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Bachelors face accommodation crisis

Image source: The Hindu

By Gazal Malik
Bangalore, September 8, 2016: City bachelors find it difficult to rent a home. At least five apartment complexes in the Brookfield, near Whitefield clearly state they will not rent flats to bachelors.

Harinath Reddy, Society Manager of Renaissance Rainbow apartment said, “We cannot give flats to bachelors. Residents of Renaissance Rainbow Apartment have had bad experience in the past with bachelors as they violate rules by drinking, smoking, playing loud music and bringing girls to the apartment”. 

Most of these men cannot find flats near their workplaces, so, they look for alternatives that are farther away, resulting in an increase in expenditure and travel time. Dhruv Dan, from Mahadevpura, an employee in Capgemini said “I work in Whitefield and am unable to find decent accommodation close to my work place. Osheen Saxena, working in HP Enterprise adds that landlords only prefer to give flats on rent to families, which adds to bachelor’s problems.

Aakash Sharma who lives in HSR Layout and works in Whitefield said, “I have to travel for two hours every day and spend Rs. 5000 on travel each month. Landlords and neighbors feel that bachelors cause regular disturbance in the family ambience of residential areas.”

On the other hand, Srinath, landlord of Kirti Flora Apartment in Brookfield feels that some bachelors are helpful and trouble free. “There are bachelors, who make for good tenants. In emergency, they are the ones who always volunteer to help people. When I shifted to a new flat with my family, some bachelors were my neighbors who helped me in the household chores,” he said.

Sophia Sharon, Assistant professor of Sociology at Mount Carmel College Bangalore said “Landlords should give guidelines and mention bachelors’ responsibilities. Bachelors should be made aware of the pros and cons before renting the flat and they will definitely abide by the guidelines”.  



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