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Bye-Bye Cycle

Image Credits: www.bicycling.com


Cycling is considered an eco-friendly mode of transport but for the Bangaloreans it has become a hobby rather than a choice.

Is cycling becoming a bygone? Does the city environment and mindset support this mode of transportation? In Bangalore, is cycling a safe alternative?

These are the burning questions.

Cycling and Children

Children love cycling and getting around in their fancy colorful bikes.
Shantan, 9, loves riding his red coloured bike but his mother Gauramma is wary Shantan cycling on Bangalore’s busy roads.

“I can only allow him to paddle on the pavements in front of our house, but I would never let him ride on the roads. There are speedy and reckless motorized forms of transport on the roads. The roads are traffic choked.

The 2016 Bangalore Vehicle Population Statistics by the Transport Department, Government of Karnataka reveals that as on November 2016, there were a total of 6631425 vehicles on the city roads.

Cycling and Roads


 BBMP with the Department of Urban Land Transport (DULT) built 22 cycle tracks in Jayanagar. Apart from this Tender Sure Roads were made in different parts of the city as Residency Road, Richmond Road, St. Mark’s Road and Cunningham Road. These were built for the convenience of pedestrians and cyclists.

Image Credits: emages.eventshigh.com

“These roads are used in an insensitive manner by public. The cycle tracks are hogged by motorists and passersby for the purpose of parking. None of my children feel the need to pursue their cycling interest. They don’t feel safe.” added Seema.

Cycling to keep fit?

For some cycling is a good way to exercise and keep fit. It is a non-polluting and eco-friendly mode of transport

Antony, 28 a student from Kumbalgodu loves riding his white bicycle.
“I love to cycle down to my destination. Cycling is preferred by those who wish to keep fit and care about the environment.”

“I face trouble while amidst traffic. The vehicles pump huge amounts of harmful smoke at my face. I can hardly find cyclists on the roads” added Antony.

South Fire Mobility: A cycling group

Image Credits: about.me/adityamendonca


In conversation with Aditya Mendonca, Founder, SouthFire, Bangalore

Why SouthFire?
I started SouthFire in February, 2013 to bring about a change in young people's lives in Bangalore. We offer private cycling events and corporate rides focusing on a dedicated clientele.  SouthFire is special because I see people from different age groups collaborating and riding together & individually.  

What sort of events do you organise?

South Fire is best known for Thursday Night rides and weekend rides outside Bangalore city. We're working on launching some new ride events in 2017.

What obstructions do the cyclists face pertaining to road safety? 
Cycling in the city is chaotic but is the fastest way around town. The Government needs to step in and spread awareness amongst people to get out onto a cycle rather than their cars.

In this Automobile Era, cycling seems to be the forgotten mode of transport. How do you think can it be revived?

The tender sure roads allow cyclists to get on but are dangerous given the frequent contact of motorized two-wheelers and pedestrians. Proactive government and infrastructure development is the only way possible.

Image Credits: www.southfire.in

The Experts Speak

No one can escape pollution in today’s world but there are ways to cope up with this problem

Dr. KC Prajwal, Internal Medicine, Rajarajeshwari Medical College and Hospital says,“Pollution has an impact on almost everyone. Cyclists have a higher risk.
Over the period of ten years the density of patients having pollution related diseases has increased. Chronic Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Bronchitis, breathlessness and cough are the most reported ailments.

Over the course of one year, the lungs lose elastic recoiling capacity and inflate. This air further weakens the heart.

Doctors try to spread awareness post the inflation of such respiratory diseases

Dr. KS Satish, Pulmonologist, Vikram Hospital and Fortis Hospital, Bangalore says, “the respiratory problems have become more frequent. We try to create awareness for patients by informing them about the measures.”

“If cycling is promoted and more people step in towards reducing the number of motor vehicles. It can help in reducing the levels of pollution and encourage a healthy lifestyle.”

What steps could be taken?

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