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BBMP blows away Hookah smoke

Bangalore gets Hookah-zoned!_ho



BBMP disappoints hookah lovers with new rules and regulations.

BBMP has passed a new law requiring hookah parlor’s to build separate Hookah zone’s in their establishments. No food or drinks can be served in this hookah smoking, designated area.

This has forced many businesses to stop serving hookah, as they need time to build such spaces.

 BBMP conducted raids across the city in the first two weeks of January and shut down many places. BLOW café on Church Street was shut down and locks with BBMP seals on it were put on the doors.

 Earlier anyone with a fire safety recommendation and tobacco selling license could sell hookah but now every establishment is required to have a separate smoking zone for Hookah only. This not only creates a discomfort for the customers who want to enjoy the delicacies and thirst wrenching drinks served at the cafes but also for the café owners who have to invest extra money to build extra spaces in already space crunched buildings.

Hookah is a craze amongst the youth not only in Bangalore but also across the country.


 Youngsters today who don’t want to indulge in cigarette smoking have found a good alternative in Hookah or Sheesha. Little do they know about the harmful effects of the leisure activity they indulge in.

Health Hazards

 According to study published by CDC on Preventing Chronic Disease “Most people believe that smoking hookah carries less risk of tobacco related disease, however hookah smoke contains many of the same harmful toxins as cigarette smoking and is associated with lung cancer.”  A report by WHO reveals the following facts:

  • A hookah session exposes a smoker to more smoke over a longer period of time than smoking a cigarette.
  • A typical 1 hour long hookah session involves 200 puffs, while an average cigarette is 20 puffs.
  • The volume of smoke inhaled during a hookah session in 90,000 millimeters whereas while smoking a cigarette 500 to 600 millimeters is inhaled.
  • Charcoal used to heat tobacco increases the health risk by producing smoke that has levels of carbon monoxide.


Some restaurants like Bierre Republic have already built separate hookah zones. Others have put the sale on hold and have started the construction. Some restaurants are still selling it illegally and display the hookah menu only when asked.

BBMP has been very strict this time around and are still conducting frequent raids. Any business found guilty is shut down for a week.

 Earlier hookah was banned in the city. Only in 2016 was the sale of hookah made legal in the city. Just a year later BBMP has introduced this new law.

Hani the owner of BLOW café says “BBMP keeps changing the laws every other month and creates trouble us. Others might not be affected that much but we opened this place only for hookah and that is our USP, so we are affected the worst by this.”


28 year old guy who opened a joint venture with his friend Akshay and opened BLOW café. They both loved hookah and wanted to create an environment where all the hookah lovers could hang out with each other.


 BLOW café has custom-made hookah pods made expensive liquor bottles. Hani said “The custom hookah pods are our USP and we wanted to provide something unique to our customers. We have brought down our prices and provide extra discounts to returning customers as well.”

 Hani added that they are affected the worst by frequent changes in the law because their main business is hookah unlike other cafes in the city, which mainly rely on business from drinks and food. BLOW doesn’t serve alcohol, as they want to focus exclusively on the hookah experience.

There a lot of options for hookah lovers as there are many popular hookah cafes across the city as well like Soul Café, Bierre Republic, Mud Pipe but people want to enjoy the food, drinks and hookah all in one place not separately.

 Akshay a 25-year-old hookah lover said “This is so silly of BBMP to pass such an order, who wants to smoke hookah separately, they should at least allow drinks in hookah zones.”

It’s common sense that the throat get’s dry while smoking, even if they are imposing on everyone to get separate hookah zone on their premises, they should at least serve drinks in the zone if not food. Let’s hope the BBMP listens to majority’s demands and changes the rule pretty soon as they often do. says an avid hookah lover Rohan.










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